Contact Bakso Ikan Patin Mbalong on Messenger. Highlights info row image. Harmonised Page · Local business · Indonesian restaurant. English (UK) · Español. I didn’t expect that bakso turned good. In Indonesia, people usually make bakso from king mackerel fish (Indonesian: tenggiri), but so far I have. KARAKTERISTIK DAN PREFERENSI BAKSO IKAN PATIN SIAM (Pangasius hypopthalamus) ANEKA WARNA SEBAGAI MAKANAN TAMBAHAN ANAK.

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Nevertheless, pindang recipes shows its exceptional diversity in South Sumatra. This research was conducted by using Completely Randomized Design CRD experiment with five treatments and three replications.

Jurnal Kebijakan Pembangunan dan Inovasi

One of popular exported comodities is patin jambal Pangasius djambal Bleekerlive in the big rivers in Indonesia. Common fish being processed as pindang are tongkol mackerel tunabandeng milkfishand kembung mackerel. Inwhich is about Ayam Taliwang Plecing kangkung Beberuk terong. Mie aceh Mie caluk Roti canai Nasi gurih Timphan. Although pindang method and dishes could be found all across Indonesiathe pindang dish is associated especially to Palembangwhere pindang patin Pangasius fish pindang is its specialty.


Freshwater fish such as ikan patin Pangasius sp. Indonesia Eats is a memoir of her homeland. PalembangSouth Sumatra [1].

You can use these tags: Indonesian Local Patin with a scientific name Pangasius spp. CS1 Indonesian-language sources id. Pindang as a dish refer to a certain sour and spicy fish soup. Colo-colo Papeda Sagu Babi bakar. Edmonton is now where she is based on. Patin siam Pangasius hypopthalmus balso be called for patin bangkok or patjn bangkok in bahasa Indonesia.

Pindang is a hakso method of boiling ingredients in salt and certain spicesusually employed to cook fish or egg. Attributes color, aroma, flavor and texture of hedonic test gave the impression of a somewhat like.

Put the ball into simmering broth and do this method until all mixture done. Heat up the broth to 80 degrees C, never get broth boiled and keep the temperature at 80 degrees C. About The Authors Arbaini Arbaini.

Jurnal FishtecH

The soup usually also contains pieces of chili peppertomatocucumberlemon basil and pineapple. Especially for this basa, I have a different preparation by drizzling the fillet over with lime juice or calamansi juice and let stand for 15 minutes.


In Indonesia, various preserved pindang fish are available in traditional markets. Patin gakso Pangasius bocourti lives in the rivers in Vietnamand exported comodity to North AmericaEurope and several Asian countries.

Bakso Ikan Patin // Basa Fishballs | Zone Food

Jurnal Kebijakan Pembangunan dan Inovasi. Abstract In Riau province, Siam catfish Pangasius hypopthalmus is one type of freshwater fish that is currently being developed as one of the cluster development of fish farming nationwide by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

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