ASTM D [ Withdrawn ]. Standard Practice for Sampling Insulating Liquids for Gas Analysis and Determination of Water Content. For complete instructions on sampling electrical insulating fluids for GAS ANALYSIS and determination of water content refer to ASTM D Adjust flow. electric equipment, are detailed in the Doble Reference Book on Insulating Liquids and Gases [6], ASTM Practices. D [7] and D [8]. GOOD SAMPLE.

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D free download, or read D online

Last previous edition D — However, gas-saturated samples will begin to release gases bubbles soon after sampling. Flush the valve at d36113 sample adapter, flushing at least one more quart of fluid into the flush oil container before collecting sample. Drain at least 1. With all three valves openand the cylinder held in a vertical position see Fig.

Packaging and Shipping Do not release any evolvedgases bubbles since these gases must be included in thedissolved gas analysis. Collecting Samples Using Syringe 8.


Transformer Oil Gas Analyser (TOGA)

Attach oil-resistant tubing to the sample port on the drain valve and flush at least one more quart of fluid into the flush-oil container before collecting the fluid in the sample container. Do not allow the oil to be exposed tosunlight. A number in parentheses indicates the year of last reapproval. Sampling should be discontinued.

Epidemiology, pathogenesis, and clinical manifestations of Ebola and Marburg virus disease. Do not release any evolved gases bubbles since these gases must be included in the dissolved gas analysis. We are nonprofit website to share and download documents. Remove the sample adapter if used, andreinstall the security plug with a non-hardening thread sealant.

Wipe the inside of the valve and threads with a clean lint free cloth.

Care shall be taken not tocontaminate the syringe inlet port. Once the container is full, install thecap immediately.

These cylindershave the disadvantage of not allowing visual inspection of theinterior of the cylinder. When thedrying period has expired, syringe pistons shall be placed intheir barrels, valves closed; stainless steel cylinder valvesshould be closed; or cans sealed with their screw cap. We are always happy to assist you. Take extreme caution when samples are drawn from electrical apparatus having a small volume of insulating fluid.


Syringe Valve Piston Gases Materials. Originallypublished as D — Preparation for Sampling 6. Syringes having precision ground barrels andpistons are preferred. The filled syringe should contain no air. Do not 3d613 thepiston manually since this can result in bubble formation.

If the slug moves towardsthe electrical apparatus, a negative pressure exists.

Samples should be forwardedto the laboratory as quickly as possible. If the slug moves away from the electrical apparatus, a positive pressure exists.

Transformer Oil Gas Analyser (TOGA)

Preparation for Sampling 6. Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our free products and services. Convenient cardboard cartons for storing and trans-porting syringes can be obtained. See Test Methods D for further details about generalcleaning requirements.

Samples can be obtained safely.