Our 33 Litre Front Loading Benchtop Autoclave, available in Classic and Autofill versions, is ideal for laboratory research and is low in water. Have a question about Autoclaves, Sterilizers or Steam Generators? Our FAQ page has the answers. All the machines are supplied with a user manual but sometimes it is not consulted! Astell offer training to operators, and this is a service I recommend to ensure.

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The system cannot be started unless the closure is fully secured. Is it possible to have two water sources for an autoclave, one for the steam generator and a separate untreated source for the jacket?

Running Calibration is not available in all operating stages.

Bar Pre – Cooling The system autocllave to cool down. By gradually reducing the boost as the load gets nearer to the desired temperatureit does not appreciably overshoot the desired setting.

AMB – Ecofill 63 litres Model: Heating to C Learn more about each of these by viewing the pages below or clicking the View Product Options button:.

These 4 switches control functions that cannot be set by the software or Configuration. If the printer mechanism works but no printing results – check that the paper has not been loaded upside down! manula

A standard Swiftlock unit is fitted with heaters in the base of the chamber and is ideal for sterilizing liquids mediadiscard, glassware and other instruments. Requires a mains water supply.

If pressing the key does not have the desired effectkeep pressing for up maual 2 seconds.

Press NO unless you are prepared to perform calibration. Turns ON the RS communications option. Customers also need to ensure the water they use is of the required quality; hard water can cause scale problems which will reduce the life of the heaters — so a water softener is recommended in such cases. Setting a higher temperature will speed up cooling but will increase boiling-over and loss of the load contents on Bottled Fluid Loads, e.


Consult the associated Sterilizer manual for details of setting up the sterilizer for your particular requirements Each of the Controller Sequences associated with special features of the profiles are covered in detail at the end of this section. Yes, this is possible with most models. The display shows state of interlock switches and sensors.

Autofill water reservoir optional. Usually an Engineer can attend within 48 hours of the call in to our Technical Helpline. Any damage ensuing from unauthorised access to this level may be outside the scope of the warranty provisions. Large front loading autoclave. BSL3 is generally hazardous waste containing pathogens that are potentially harmful.

Mains water supply required. However we will also try to troubleshoot and offer advice to minimise any potential disruption. The Autoclave may be set to operate overnight with a Media Load, in the knowledge that it will contain a useable load when opened in the morning. The cycle begins with a pre vacuum, reducing the chamber pressure and removing the majority of air. Cycle times are very much dependent on the size and nature of the load being sterilized.

Astell MXN451 5000 – 6000 Series Autoclave programming instructions

Please review our Privacy Policy for how we use your data. The report on the last fault that happened is held in maintained memory. You need to also purchase the 5 position shelf rack to use this option.

This makes large changes quicker and easier on the fingertips. Please ensure that the paper loading method described here is used. When cooled autclave chamber may be safely opened. The [2] on the right-hand side shows that the Cooling Lock Thermostat is above the safe release temperature – Typically set to 80C for a Fluid Load. An optional Internal Thermal printer is mounted in the right-hand side of the control pod, to record the Sterilization Cycle progress.


The Astell 33 – 63 Litre Benchtop Autoclave Range

Load the paper roll as in FIG. Water has been vented from chamber. Set Programmable Cooling Lock temperature, e. C below the Sterilizing Temperature set in that program. Load Sensed Timing is entirely suitable, and extremely effective in reducing this problem. This system is integral with and dependent upon the use of the Load Sensing system. Do Not Use except for Safety-valve testing. Select and Start the chosen Program. Operator specific cycles can be provided on request.

How many programs can be set on the controller?

33 Litre Front Loading Benchtop Autoclave | Astell UK

What one tool in your service kit bag could you not do without? Further details can be provided on request. Find out exactly when we are away See manual part No. Are Classic or Autofill Compact and Benchtop autoclaves best for discard? The Cooling Start temperature is set in Calibration – see page Yes, although care should be taken to ensure that the autoclave is not overfilled, since this may prevent efficient air removal.

Does a top loading, non-Autofill autoclave need to be filled before each use? Open the chamber by pressing OPEN in the normal manner.