Several of them have been published by a great Assamese scholar, Surya Deodhai Assam buranji, with several shorter chronicles. Ahom Buranji.. Assam Buranji.•. Assam Buranji. ••. Assam Buranji.. Assam Buranji.. Asam Buranji (S.M). Assam Buranji.. Asamar Padya Buranji.. Annals of . Results 1 – of Asama burañjī. Assam buranji; or, A history of Assam from the commencement of the Ahom rule to the British occupation of Assam in

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Or may be my upbringing. He freely chose among important manuscripts, and rarely asswm them systematically. For a long time they gave a political stability to the kingdom and successfully checked the eastward expansion of the Asssam. Moreover he took jomburs, Ramchangis, Hatnoliya bonduk smaller guns shields. Buranjis are a class of historical chronicles, written initially in the Ahom [1] and afterwards in Assamese language.

Assamese sources are more numerous and easier to find. But some informations says that the Kings used to keep very big cow-sheds and the cows are kept inside them for six months. I should also mention here that some local history books say about Chaolung Siukapha carrying guns with him when he entered Assam from east, that was in AD. This article about a non-fiction book on history of India or its predecessor states is a stub. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies.

It should be mentioned ubranji Mirzumla, when he left from Assam, took along with him many asdam of gun-powder preparaiton and Maunds of gun-powder and boxes, each full of 2 to 2 and half Maunds of gun-powder.

I cannot claim I know too much about the topic, at best I am a student of history. There were two kinds of Buranjis: I have already mentioned that Mithaholong type of guns were the biggest class of bortops prepared in the Ahom kingdom.

Amarin Printing and Publishing Ltd. The technique used to prepare gun-powder is now lost forever. Because of the proximity to China where gunpowder was discovered assaam the fact that many tribes themselves migrated from the east, this region gained the knowledge of making gunpowder very early compared to many other parts of India. The Eastern Assamese dialect became the standard literary language of the region in around the burranji century. In the same vuranji 1.


During the reign of Rajeswar SinghaKirti Chandra Borbarua had many Buranjis destroyed because he suspected they contained information on his lowly birth.

This proves that not only the Ahoms, but other tribes of Assam already knew about guns and gunpowder by that time and must have used it in the battles. This choice had two consequences.

Others were written by nobles or by people under their supervision, sometimes anonymously. This blog is reposted. It appeared first here. There are another few classes of guns, they were called hilois. Buganji article about a book on international relations is a stub.

Mithaholong is one of the five different classes of big guns made in Assam. View my complete profile. Moreover, Ahom families never had a very exclusive behaviour. The more burnaji study his editions, the more you know about India at that period, and the more you come to admire S.

অসম বুৰঞ্জী (Oxom Buranji)

Why they were so successful against their much more powerful adversary can be atributed partly to the location, topography and the climate of the region they ruled and partly to their millitary prowess. I am not aware, how much information is available for the students of Indian History about the use of guns and gunpowder in this eastern part of India! Bortop is the Assamese word for big guns! He also says that the quality of the gun-powder prepared in Assam is very good, just like the powders prepared in France, with smooth assaj shape and highly explosive in nature.

অসম বুৰঞ্জী (Oxom Buranji)

One I saw was only 1 inch in diameter and the one I have with me at home is nearly 3 inches in diameter! I have seen the balls used in these guns. This page was last edited on 10 Novemberat This article contains embedded lists that may be poorly defined, unverified or indiscriminate. However, he often precisely indicated his sources, as far as it was possible in his time remember he was the first to collect manuscripts and name them ; and he also cleverly summed up the matters.


Struggling to be Tai-Ahom in India. After six months they are taken buuranji some othar place.

Even though I am far away from home, I use to discuss matters of historical importance with him over phone. My thoughts on Assam History.

3. Manuscript (or printed) chronicles in Assamese language & script – Brahmaputra Studies Database

Indian literature Ahom kingdom Diplomatic correspondence Indian history book stubs International relations book stubs. They are smaller burznji size and some of them can even be fired from hand.

His purpose was scientific and pedagogical as well, in the line of Indian social workers. Images below show S. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. One of those were the type of big gun, called Mithaholong.

Who is the editor of Deodhai Assam Buranji?

They were sasam in “simple, lucid and unambiguous but expressive language with utmost brevity and least exaggeration. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Map, Photos, Tables, Glossary. Aspects of Early Assamese Literature. Probably if I’d have studied humanities, I’d have gone for history. The Buranjis not only describe the Ahom kingdom, but also the neighbours ChutiyaKachari and Tripura Buranjis and those with whom the Ahom kingdom had diplomatic and military contacts Burxnji Buranji. Transcribed and translated by Renu Wichasin.