Art of the Duel (Legend of the Five Rings) [Shawn Carman, Richard Farrese, Douglas Sun, L5r Rpg Masters of Magic. Aeg L5r Legend of the Burning Sands. Art of the Duel – “Set focus Strike!” A samurai of Rokugan who does not thrill to these words is no samurai at all, and wo. The Iaijutsu Duel is one of the defining parts of the L5R mythos, and it is no surprise that the RPG gives it it’s own subsystem for resolving such.

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If both players bid 1, no one loses honor except in the event of Contingency Plans. This adds subtly to the game and it is a good thing. Any Free Raises gained from the Focus stage apply to this roll. You can edit this page to create it. This way each card is its own unique challenge. This way each card is its own unique challenge and the game has variety. There is dept even in simple choices. Oh, and the idea that both duelists are risking 1 honor even at minimum bids is dumb.

This is one-third to almost one half of a clan’s starting honor, possibly in one duel.

The wise Dragon player bids 1 or 2 if they are anticipating their opponent realizes they have no means of winning the duel if you outbid them, and thus intends to bid 1 to force you to pay as much honor as possible to guarantee your win.


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No, I don’t believe in winning at all costs. If you have a better system, I’d be interested in hearing.

DuelsDuelingDuelist – Page 4 – Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game – FFG Community

This has duelists and the majority are supposed to honorable. You are managing resources to achieve an effect on the game board.

I can see the Crane spending void during the strike to boost the damage rating of the sword even further in an attempt to deal some truly horrendous damage to the opponent.

It is an duep which compresses his existence to it’s essence Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The book explores dueling in its myriad for forms across the Empire. Some duels were to the death while others bowed cards, and some didn’t even penalize the loser but just gave honor to the winner.

The iaijutsu duel is the formal means of conflict resolution in Rokugan between members of the samurai caste. This is simple and lets everyone have a chance to use it without having to build your deck around it. L5d Entertainment Group Edge Entertainment.

L5R RPG Art of the Duel

Then duels can add more variety such as Duelist Training allowing card discard instead of honor loss. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Art of the Duel Average Rating: The social rules of such duels, and the circumstances giving rise to them, are described in the Book of Air. Maintaining these two separate names for duel-types would mean not having to change any current cards or reprint anything. I am going to have the card made, or make it myself, and I am going to burn the other version Now, why should the player controlling Mirumoto NOT pick “3”? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.


Effect of Honor Loss: No offense to Mirith, but I disagree with this wholeheartedly. The opponents study one another carefully, looking for any weakness.

Ol5r did it in the same way new5r does it. We need cards like these back – so a duel isn’t just the vuel stat and the dial. I feel like there is a lot of depth to these simple decisions. Such duels are most often to first blood, but matters of a truly grievous nature can result in a duel to the death.

It’s not like you can’t still “bully duel” a fair amount of the time. So, someone expects Mirumoto to discard characters fuel fate off of characters, as a result of the duel. What we really need are more dueling cards.

Destiny has intervened, and the cause of the duel is considered dropped by both dueo. I don’t know how you did it. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: