Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Arrian’s Anabasis of Alexander in seven books is the best account we have of Alexander’s adult life. Indica, a description of India and of Nearchus’s voyage. Links to translation of Arrian: Anabasis, by E. Iliff Robson.

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This man was a friend anabasiis pupil of Aristotle, the xrrian of Alexander. Telmissus was a city of Caria, celebrated for the skill of its inhabitants in divina- tion. They first began to give way where Alexander himself was braving danger in the front. On this occasion they had occupied the hill in front of the city, because it was no less strong than the walls, from which to attack the enemy ; and there they were awaiting him.

Callisthenes refuses to Prostrate himself.

The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian – Free Ebook

Tralles was on the Budon, another tributary of the Maeander. He made a treaty with them, and from this tiine found them faithful allies in all his proceedings. When they were within reach of the missiles, and were struck by them, they rushed out against the archers, who were undefended by shields, with the purpose of fighting them hand-to- hand. March through the Caspian Gates Here that prince had a palace anabais park, in which rose the river Maeander, close to the source of the’ Marsyas.

A son was born to them named Midas, who, when he arrived at the age of maturity, was both handsome and valiant. Passage of the Euphrates and Tigris. After a distinguished reign of thirty-eight years, he abdicated the throne to his youngest son, Ptolemy Philadelphus. Capture of Aspendus and Side.

He said it also signified that the plot would be dis- covered, because the swallow was a bird fond aarrian man’s society and well disposed to him as well as more loqua- cious than any other bird. But the cavalry were no anabais to him in a place so rough and unfavourable. These, being arranged in anabqsis, fell unawares with the most furious charge upon their flank, where they were likely to come into conflict with their weakest point, and slew some of them still in their beds, others being aanbasis caught in their flight.


Note 1, for Diod. Alexander here- upon sent forth a party of his light-armed infantry and archers to repel their sortie; and these men repelled them with ease, just as they were approaching the very camp.

Reflections on the Pate of Dariu. Defeat of the Persians. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The king then, having collected his friends, proposed to them as a subject for deliberation what decision he ought to make in regard to this Alexander. Defeat of the Persians and Pursuit of Darius. Capture of Mitylene by the Persians. Greek historian and senator of the Roman empire, author of several historical studies. While Philip was reading the news from Parmenio, Alexander drank the potion.

Alexander’s Dealings with Atheks.

The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian

Arrian read philosophy in Nicopolis, where the famous philosopher Epictetus c. Ten Thousand Macedonians sent Home witli Craterus.

Aelian Varia Historia, xii. There was a great deal of talk about this wagon among the neigh- bouring population. As to Xanthus the river, see Homer Iliad, ii. A FEW days after this, two Macedonian hoplites of the brigade of Perdiccas, living in the same tent and being messmates, happened in the course of conversation each to be extolling himself and his own exploits.

The people came together in public assembly, and, on the motion of Demades, elected from all the citizens ten 1 Plutarch Alexander, 13 tells us that Alexander was afterwards sorry for his cruelty to the Thebans.

In regard to other matters he gave the embassy a courteous reply, but wrote a letter to the people de- manding the surrender of Demosthenes and Lycurgus, as well as that of Hyperides, Polyeuctus, Chares, Chari- demus, Bphialtes, Diotimus, and Moerocles;i alleging that these men were the cause of the disaster which befell the city at Ghaeronea, and the authors of the sub- sequent offensive proceedings after Philip’s death, both against himself and his father.

And if any man wonders why, after so many other men have written of Alexander, the compilation of this history came into my mind, after perusing [13] the narratives of all the rest, let him read this of mine, and then wonder if he can.


On this occasion the Termissians had come out in a body, and were occupying both the mountains; seeing which, Alexander ordered the Macedonians to encamp there, armed as they were, imagining that the Termissians would not remain in a body when they saw theni bivouacking, but that most of them would withdraw into their city, which was near, leaving upon the mountains 74 The Anahasis of Alexander.

Views Read Edit View history. Exploration of the Caspian. The latter surrendered the city into his hands, and Mithrines the fortress and the money laid up in it.

For his beneficence, see Aelian Varia Ilistoria, xiii. They, seeing the force crossing the river, marched down the mountains to meet them, with adrian purpose of attack- ing Alexander’s rear in its retreat.

Life and Writings of Arrian.

Until now, our reconstruction of Arrian’s career was more or less speculative. To their parents and children he granted exemption from imposts on agricultural produce, and he relieved them from all personal services and’ taxes upon property.

Anabasis Alexandri was composed by Arrian of Nicomedia in the second century ADmost probably during the reign of Hadrian. Alexander crosses the Hindu-Koosh. Hearing this, he marched off to Aspendus. In the meantime, Nicanor, observing from Lade Alexander’s commencement of the attack, began to sail into the harbour of Miletus, rowing along the shore; and mooring his triremes as close as possible together, with their prows facing the enemy, across the narrowest part of the mouth of the harbour, he shut off the Persian fleet from the port and made it impossible for the Persians to give succour to the Milesians.

Expedition against the Mardians. Here, along the defiles up the ascent to the mountain, he was met by.