A Rulebook for Arguments has ratings and reviews. Kirstine said: If you want to be good at arguing, this book is for you. I read it all in one. Short Arguments: Some General Rules Arguments begin by marshaling reasons and organizing them in a clear and fair way. Chapter I offers general rules for. A Rulebook for Arguments by Anthony Weston – book review By Eko Rustamaji ( ) Description A Rulebook for Arguments was written by Anthony.

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See 1 question about A Rulebook for Arguments…. I’m not in a position to argue I can understand trying to make a book relevant with rjlebook examples, but if an author is going to attempt that, they should try a lot harder to avoid bias and, at the very least, leave out their own personal opinions about things; instead this author presents many of them as fact.

Anthony Blairand Pierre J.

A Rulebook for Arguments invites comparison to Strunk and White’s Elements of Style ; the author recommends wrguments his own title next to the latter on the shelf. It can be used as a reference for the students who want to improve their argumentation skill because this book contains the tips in composing short arguments until composing an argumentative essay.

A Rulebook for Arguments Fourth Edition.

A Rulebook for Arguments

Znthony will always get back to this until I remember all the rules and master it. This handbook is very short and basic. Isn’t it easier to just tell someone to “Be concrete and concise” rather than to refer them to Rule 4 in their rulebook?


Weston also uses examples of good and bad arguments so that the important aspects and even the most common fallacies are covered in the book. Jul 23, Vel Veeter rated it liked it Shelves: Raguments sections and argument types are divided so that they are in a logical order and easy to find from one place which makes this book easy to use and navigate.

Interesting to have a book on “Arguments” that one wants to argue over! Sort of left me wanting more by the time it went into the more practical sections that were less interesting Argumentative Essay and Speech.

It explains the ways to write the longer arguments, from arguments in paragraphs to arguments in essays.

The author claims that this book is designed to fulfill a need for a “rulebook” vs. But it is definitely useful, and works very well as a, well, rulebook for arguments. Unlike most textbooks on ar Updated examples, streamlined text, and the chapter on definition reworked in a rule-based format strengthen this already strong volume.

Second part of westn book is about long arguments. In this chapter, there are explanation in distinguishing premises and conclusion, presenting the ideas in a natural order, starting from reliable premises, being concrete and concise, and avoiding loaded language.

Feedback is a “reality check” all the way around –welcome it.

It really undermines the purpose of the book. It is through others’ eyes that you can see best where you are unclear or hasty of just plain implausible. I don’t think any average person does not already intuitively abide by the logic put forth in the book. Eeston offers one or more specific examples in support of a generalization. The ideas and arguments provided in Rulebook for Arguments are of the important points in learning how to develop good arguments because making and developing a good argument must follow some tips and rules.


A Rulebook for Arguments by Anthony Weston

The discussion of developing good arguments begins from the general rules such as distinguishing premises and conclusion. Also, and this is much worse, he keeps bringing in religious examples, so the issue is the same. This is no end-all discussions This 85pg book accomplished much of its aim: The only information about references used by the writer is footnotes which seems like references.

This book is excellent for learning better arguing strategies and learning when other people actually sound like complete morons during an argument.

This small book fulebook as a guide on how to make good arguments in writing.

The seventh chapter is Composing an Argumentative Essay. You can refer to a section and quickly refresh your memory about some concept. A very short book, full of obvious statements. Apr 01, Ahmad Hossam rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hackett Publishing Company- English language – pages.

I would recommend this book to undergraduates and graduates alike; it is just that good. Short with a good overview over the most important topics regarding argumentation.