Athabasca by Alistair MacLean – book cover, description, publication history. Industrial sabotage in the Alaskan oil fields allows MacLean (Force 10 from Navarone, Ice Station Zebra) a ton of background padding—which. The nail-biting tale of sabotage set in the desolate frozen wastes of two ice- bound oil fields, from the acclaimed master of action and GE! THE.

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Be the first to discover new talent! I gave it three stars just because it took so long to get interesting. Didn’t really care about the characters either. The oil fields of Alaska and the tar sands of Canada are being threatened by some shadowy and efficient terrorist organization.

Athabasca is a novel by Scottish author Alistair MacLeanfirst published in Lists with This Book. Plus, he knows his way around thriller language.

Athabasca by Alistair MacLean provided entertainment for me while we were storm stayed in beautiful Beckley, West Virginia, during the Blizzard of ‘ Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. It could have been condensed to make a better read.

Every time something happens at one of the oilfields, the entire team goes in response; something then happens to the other oilfield. True, when Brady surveys incredibly gigantic mobile diggers and miles of unprotected conveyor belting from the digs to the refinery, athabascx feels the security task is impossible.

The last half of the book improves, but only marginally.

Overall a fun, light read. I don’t remember being annoyed by this as a teenager, but it sure does bother me now. Interesting about how all of that stuff works but the story line was a little lame about who was sabotaging the pipeline. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Not as tightly plotted as his earlier works but still an entertaining read.


Konsultan keamanan swasta yg katanya “punya reputasi tak terbantahkan”. One man, Jim Brady, is called in to save the life-blood of the world as unerringly, the chosen targets fall at the hands of a hidden enemy To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The controls have been preset and locked in position so that the middle of the right shoe will pass over you. A tad too techinical for light, enjoyable reading.

I wouldn’t recommend you waste your time on this book. Here’s one quote, to give you a sense of what MacLean does best: Jauh lebih asyik, seru, tegang, dng twist yg lebih wah. Nevertheless, a fun read for the rainy or snowy day!

But I’d start with other MacLean novels first, because this one is a bore for much of the time. Dermott and Mackenzie, tough ex-field managers and now anti-sabotage specialists, arrive, but initial investigations get them nowhere.

You are anchored to a steel ring set into concrete. Copyright so an older book about the oil fields in Alaska and Canada.


Notwithstanding the foregoing it could be that my unreliable memory has aggrandised his earlier works. There was a problem adding your email address. This isn’t starting out very interesting Despite assistance by the Canadian police and FBIsuspicions fall on many employees, but nothing can be proved.

It is laid in the oilfields and oil sands fields of Alaska and Canada and includes a considerable amount of technical detail on the operations. Sep 17, Cactuskid rated it it was ok.


There was one unusually striking scene where Our Hero was trapped in front of a huge – monstrously huge – mining machine, inching slowly forward, etc. The language is stilted and to much of the story relies on the superhero type investigators in Houston, when there where more then competent police services in both Alaska and Alberta who could have solved the crimes.

The investigators also make a federal case out of the fact that there is no alcohol allowed at these workstations and contrive to bring large amounts w Not a particularly good thriller. It starts slow, only raises the pulse once and dribbles away with a lame joke about an unlikely romance.

Tough resourceful duo – Check. The lead character is not only unbelievable but is overshadowed by both of his henchmen.

I needed this book for my challenge. This book had amusing characters and a lot of twists and turns. Jim Brady jelas pemilik Brady Ent.

Most MacLean books have a strong central charcter who is in control, usually violent, and lacking depth.

Athabasca by Alistair MacLean

Feb 25, Thrivi Subramanian rated it really liked it. I realize I’m reading a novel with eyes, but these cultural elements have not aged well. I may or may not finish this one