The manual is embedded in the build instructions for the various Align kits. This appears to come out of the manual. At least its identical to. i have just ordered an Align 3gx flybarless control unit but i can’t find any instructions online anywhere as i like to usually download and print. Align 3Gx flybarless setup problem Electric Heli Talk. Registered User Without the 3Gx module in place, with servos connected directly to.

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You also have to make sure you have the proper servos Support with APS gyro system and bring up more functions for your helicopter.

Press and hold the SET button while powering up the receiver. Well done eban I didn’t spot the mistake and the problem nearly brought my very short experiment with FBL to an untimely end. Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register.

Align 3gx pdf manual

It is the instructions. Originally Posted by 3ddd i just found out the manual for mine was printed wrong,if you are using futaba it shows the yellow wire going to channel 3 and the purple wire going to 6,they are backwards and need to be switched,but i think this only applies mqnual standard futaba channel mapping.

I spoke to the UK distributor today about my problem, and after a while we agreed that it seemed like the channel 6 servo was behaving as if it had a curve programmed to it.

For tail pitch adjustment, center the rudder servo by either setting the 3GX flybarless to normal rate mode non-heading lockor press and hold the SET button for 2 seconds. There’s a CD and some computer connections came with it, msnual the manual says nothing about needing to use these for first-time setup. Set the right aileron and front elevator to 8 degrees. This completes the aileron endpoint setup process.


Options Quote message in reply? Maybe our manuals are different: The result is a dramatic mannual improvement from previous generation, with stability that rivals a flybarred helicopter, yet posses explosive agility. Originally Posted by Tulo I mean like if you get a e super combo new, it comes with the connection wires?

Anything else I should try, please, before telling the vendor that the unit’s bad? Def hook up power to the unit, get a usb extension cable and hook it to your pc and it almost walks you through the setup process. Pay extra attention to these setup steps. Quote message in reply? Incorrect neutral points will affect flight stability, and even lead to loss of control. At first I thought I had a bad servo, but when I reconnected everything directly to the receiver it worked fine, so I’m thinking it must be the 3Gx unit.

At least its identical to my manual that starts on page Faster servos are able to execute commands from the gyro at faster and higher precision.

Confirm janual rudder settings by pushing the SET button. Anti-torque To achieve consistent gyro gain on left and right, 3GX has built in anti-torque compensation function. Custom parameters have been opened up in 3GX to allow pilots to fine tune numerous settings for swashplate and rudder. The recommended collective pitch range for various T-Rex helicopters is degress depending on preferenses.

Align 3Gx flybarless setup problem – RC Groups

My servos are Align DS In the next section, for S. Originally Posted by Tulo What software?? This completes the rudder endpoint limit adjustment for the right side. Push the throttle stick on transmitter to the maximum manuall, and in a few moments LED will go off and system power cycles, indicating the completion of setup process. Adjust the maximum collective pitch using the transmitter’s swashplate mixing function pitch swash AFR.


For the rest of the setup: The manual is embedded in the build instructions for the various Align kits.

If needed, servo reverse is done from the transmitter’s REV reverse function. In addition, the 3GX can support all of the CCPM swashplate system currently on the market including 90, and degrees swashplates.

Spektrum does make satellites but I am pretty sure they alugn not in any way 33gx. I personally would set it up using the newest software on aligns site Version 1. It just the way Align assigned channels in the 3GX unit versus the way Futaba assigned channels in its rx and S-bus. Therefore, BEC output capability should be confirmed to handle burst current when setting collective pitch acceleration, otherwise insufficient current supply may result in flight accidents.

Only right aileron and front elevator measurement is needed. Are you sure you don’t remove the bind plug after powering down? Align 3Gx flybarless setup problem I built my T-Rex during the week, and got a receiver for it yesterday, but I’m now having a problem setting up the flybarless system.

It is totally un helpful to every body to make statements of the form “When you have done this as many times as I have you will know that you disregard the manual Power on Futaba 10C 5. Feb 05, The more dampening effect, the smoother helicopter flies, but feels less direct.