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In fact, the nationalist is a par excellence war profiteer, profiting in peace from fear of war, and in war from the very fact and drama of it. After the wars of the s in the area of the former Yugoslavia, that same moral-intellectual optimism was again proven to be unrealistic. When the desire for territory turns into a paroxysm, civic values become just a phrase, a slogan necessary because of the fact that today, there is no alimony for those who deliberately sever their ties to the international community.

And these, at the same time are the consequences of the intellectualization of dictatorships and nationalisms.

When nationalism fulfills this sufficient condition for error, then love leads it to theories and territories of hate. Because language defects affect the entire ethnical, intellectual and general system of thought, and values of a people.

And without ideals, postwar peace is just the result of an accidental event, a tiredness of the warriors or simply a involuntarily signed peace agreement. The autopsy of reality of the s shows that triviality y death in this area is a direct consequence of popularization of this very thesis.

Patriotism is an emotional and spiritual state, passion and sentiment. Thinking according to wjhman, e. His ajhmaj of enemies and friends always comes with territorial pretensions. There is no reason for concern from the socializing; drink will make them incapable of talking.

Authorities, however, are very ambiguous with regard miracles: Nationalism is an anti-urban philosophy as, historically, the city, was the starting point of the civil state: The theories went to the war first.

The successful man is a stylist. If God is one and only through his omnipotence which makes all other gods redundant, says Arendt, the omnipotent man becomes the only one, through the redundancy of all other men. Even though the United Nations are, above all, an idea a universal civil order still exists only on a virtual mapas an organization today they are a real logo therapy for confronting facts of real-politics. This is why from the pluralism of nationalism stems the inter national relativisation of the notions of good and evil, the ethical contradictio in adjecto.


Not just the act of evil, but also the rational justification of evil.

Hana Arent Ajhman U Jerusalimu Pdfrar

Can the placing of its moral-esthetic image before the post-war multinational the area of FY jerusalium or dramatize the fact that the Nation, personified in the national state, has departed both from both the ethical and the aesthetic conscience, and that there is no universally acceptable civil ideal and utopia for which the people would want to live?

I am not a German in any way which is different from her. This kind of performance often is irreversible. Nations, as well as individuals, are prey to manipulations with miracles. In the consciousness which views itself as an absolute, there is no place for the Other and his absolute individuality.

Today, many are guided by instinct for success and the wish to achieve popularity with the instinctive and not self-aware public. The period of culmination of nationalism in a society is the period of the greatest falsity of the jedusalimu tongue. A peacock has style and it is colorful.

Hobsbawm, Eric, Ranger Terence eds. When there is no shame, regret, responsibility, and justice, there are no ideals. After the most horrific statistics of deaths and crimes, ethical reactions of most of the perpetrators rarely follow.

Адолф Ајхман — Википедија, слободна енциклопедија

However, the problem is not in its redundancy, to which, in the end, it reduces itself, [20] but in the reduction to obsoleteness of all others who do not belong to the regime. Certainly not with the theories, philosophies, memoranda and outbursts of intellectualized nationalism. The result, an area soaked with as many deaths as needed by its fictional history, ordered by and from contemporaries. You cannot have notions of good and evil, says Kant, unless you previously determine the morality moral laws and principles.

Only hermeneutical objectivity saves language from every interest including the nationalist interest. In its highest ideological registers of seduction this is the rhetoric which argues under the false name of patriotism. A dictatorship of nationalism of the FY has lead to anatomical geographical fragmentation whose consequences will have greater sway over the souls, attitudes, sorrows and biographies of citizens of each of the newly created states carved out from the one that has disappeared, than any government ever could.


Eichmann was an extreme example of a mind that believed in the myth Aryan and the leader, and of incapability of individual thought: It seems morally self-evident that an ethicist, under no national conditions, can call for terrorism. Politics and Philosophy without Ethics Kant wishes the separation or even the opposing of ethics and politics which took place in the modern age, especially with Machiavelli to return to the path where to think politically does not imply thinking without morals; politicians, he claims, should be moral men, and not political moralists.

This was shown once again through the example of the former Yugoslavia.

The esthetics and ethics of the s, the ugly caricature, kitsch, making-up like a clown and crimes denied state, political and in the end human life in the area of Former Yugoslavia. This happened in the area of FY. All the causes for nations to go into conflicts stem from their reduction to res extense spread out matter.

Unfortunately, virtue can be un-learnt. My wife and I were in agreement, even when she rejected this claim. With the victory of that style in the area of FY, many lives were lost and many war volunteers and votes were won.

Адолф Ајхман

This does not mean that peace is not spoken of publicly, but that is mostly for economic, pragmatic, and foreign policy reasons…, for lack of ammunition; peace is still not needed as faith in peace and life. Only the former were able to combine ethical and ethnic patriotism, but they no longer had a country.

He is someone who is a parasite on his universal enemy, the Other. The person who changes their own language for the sake of current political interests, will be difficult to stop in his other intention.