Ahriman: Exile (Warhammer) [John French] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer seeks the power of the gods. I’ve had Ahriman: Exile for quite some time, but just hadn’t got around to reading it . Talon of Horus is told from the perspective of one of. After much delay, Bellarius gives his thoughts on John French’s tale of the infamous sorcerer in Ahriman: Exile.

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Ahriman looked across the ranks of blue armour. The sorcerers of the Harrowing put up a fight, but the superiority of the son of Magnus decimates them and Ahriman fights him successfully, manages to kill him and with the help of three captive disgraced Imperial marines takes control of their captured ship.

Atop of the strengths outlined above, it sets some fantastic groundwork for a future series which will hopefully overcome the weaknesses of this tale. Ahriman Exile Issue 33 Released: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Contents [ show ]. However, knowing that he would have to find a means of quickly warning the Emperor, Magnus used sorcery to send his message to the Emperor.

A short time later, Ahriman’s prodigious psychic and occult powers allowed him to foresee a rip in the Webway inadvertently caused by the Blood Ravens Librarian Rhamah near the planet Lorn V during the Chapter’s operations on that Ice World.

Ahriman: Exile (Novel) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

That is understandable, since the story occurs near and in the Eye of Ahrimann, so avoiding the definite location on the 40k timeline can be avoided by that fact alone, although I often times wanted to know how long Ahriman himself had been in this state in which we find him at the beginning of the novel. Instead, Ahriman and the rest of his cabal were banished from the Planet of the Sorcerers. While not as bad as some examples found in Black Library, all too often it seems that the ideas behind the characters are more interesting than exilee histories or personalities.

Spurned by his former brothers and his father Magnus the RedAhriman is a wanderer, a sorcerer of Tzeentch whose actions condemned an entire Legion to an eternity of damnation. Ahirman and his crew have to contend with Serpaphim, employed by Imperial inquisitors they meet along the way. Jun 30, Tarl rated it really liked it Shelves: Alas, I was expecting to read and learn of the exploits if the erstwhile sorcerer of one of my favorite if not my favorite Traitor Legion, but it was not to be.


Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum! Jul 14, Denis Reynolds rated it it was amazing.

Ahriman: Exile by John French

Even without his armour or his staff, Ahriman is powerful enough to overwhelm the thirty-six Sorcerers sent to halt their escape, and take control of the Rubric Marines following them. The world was the exclusive domain of Harlequinsand contained a masterfully concealed Eldar settlement including an extensive Librarium, a repository of Eldar history and technology.

He knows the true names of daemons, and possesses pacts which can bring armies flocking to his call. Amonformer Captain of the 10th Fellowshipand the most reluctant member of Ahriman’s cabal. This time the Arch-Sorcerer bypassed the sanctum’s Harlequin defenders and spectral guardians by projecting himself inside the Black Library’s halls, allowing his physical body to transcribe onto hermetic parchment what his astral self sees.

Ahriman realizes, with horror, that while Ahriman wants to repair the RubricAmon wants to undo it, even ahrimxn the Rubric is the only thing keeping the majority of their brothers “alive. Ahriman needs to come back to himself and accept that hiding from fate and the past is doomed to failure and, well, boredom for him.

Ahriman screamed in horror as these flesh exille blood warriors tumbled away. He had tried to save them. If you’ve never read a Warhammer 40k book, this may NOT be the best book to start with, and those not familiar with the Thousands Sons will have no clue as to what is going on so its best to start elsewhere.

Ahriman: Exile

During Ahriman’s quest to determine who had sought him out, Amon sent numerous minions to do his bidding, including Warp creatures and a half- Daemon Princeall of which failed to kill him.

Eventually the Great Crusade reached the world of Prosperoand the discovery of the Primarch Magnus the Redthe Thousand Sons’ genetic progenitor, could not have come soon enough. Ahriman tries to track down the person who wants him dead.

Shortly after reuniting with their long-lost Wulfen brethren, the Space Wolves find their home system engulfed by raging Warp Storms and a massive exjle invasion.

The Luna Wolves, besides themselves with grief and the fear that their beloved Primarch would die, agreed to the suggestion, despite its direct violation of the creeds of the Imperial Truth.


Magnus had banished Ahriman and his cabal from the Planet of the Sorcerers. During his sojourn across the Warp, Magnus realised the treachery ran deeper than he had first thought. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The Oracle replies that there are at least two equally possible futures: In both cases the horror is palpable, the dread that the characters feel in their presence – ahtiman real.

Gathering in a fell circle around Ahriman, this cabal of sorcerers lent their power to Ahriman, who then unleashed the full power of his desperate spell.

Eile was surprised by the story itself and at times slightly confused at what point in time the novel takes place. Magnus had drawn a veil around Prospero. Whether that was my own problem or a flaw in the narrative I could not really tell.

I was disappointed that even though this book purports to be about Ahriman, I learnt nothing new about him. The Exie are experimental – tougher, bigger, stronger they carry the Pariah gene – they are edile, bringing suffering to psykers around them. The Harrowing claim the ship for their own and proceed to convert it to their own use, though they continuously fail to awake its dormant machine spirit. Sorry you have reached the maximum number of items you can purchase for this product.

Amon refused to acquiesce to his gene-sire’s wishes. Ahriman is also one of the few Astartes from this period who was publicly supportive of the Emperor’s initiative to require civilian Remembrancers to record the exploits of the Astartes Legions and the other Imperial forces during the Great Crusade, as he hoped that an accurate record of the Thousand Sons’ exploits would teach the wider Imperium to no longer be afraid of or prejudiced against psykers or the use of psychic powers.

Maybe it’s my fault for expecting a character study when in reality this book is just a swashbuckling but essentially frivolous WH40K adventure. In tribute to his own beloved sibling, Ahriman had Ohrmuzd’s prized pendant, a keepsake from their mother just like the one Ahriman wore, worked into the shoulder-guard of his Power Armour.