Ahmed Mourad is an Egyptian author and screenwriter of fiction and non-fiction. Contents Another two significant works worth mention are the novel,, published in and The Land of God (Arabic: أرض الإله), published in Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. , Ahmed Mourad Source: Goodreads. His fourth novel, , The novel’s events take place in ; the Egyptian Revolution.

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The story of Samir, a family man who loses his job at the bank, later learns about the dark side of Egyptian life when he is recruited to be a part of a secret society.

Sonallah Ibrahim for example, because they have a broader perspective and see things in a much better light. There should be freedom in doing certain in a way that will affect and influence the audience of that particular medium and both media should be respected in their own right.

Tell us what you think. Why do you aahmed audiences connect with your books so viscerally? Later, it was made into a theatrical movie, The Blue Elephant Arabic: Where did ahmes find the knife? I try to write in a language that is accessible to people. A tense thriller that reveals contemporary Egypt and Cairo’s seedy nightlife. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ahmed Mourad.

Or do you do all your editing yourself? I get bored very quickly. I believe language has a big role to play. I believe it is unfair to compare a novel to a film because each genre has its own tools.

Ahmed Mourad’s Latest Egyptian Saga

Why do you think relatively few Egyptian writers are writing thrillers? The primary objective of the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation is to serve poor and needy, orphans, wayfarers and others in the United States deserving of charity under Islamic law with financial assistance for food, shelter, clothing, medicine, and transportation and other needs by assessing, collecting, and distributing obligatory and voluntary charity called zakat and sadaqa. Haqqi, the last person to have seen him before his death, wrote that in a meeting in Istanbul he once offered to buy Kira a new pair of shoes, but the offer was turned down.


Egyptian novelists births Living people.

Ahmed Mourad’s ‘’: Story of an amputated revolution | MadaMasr

Mourrad one of my novels has some sort of difficulty, especially that as I progress in terms of experience some new level of difficulty arises.

More people have gotten together to discuss the novels and there is a general hunger towards literature which makes me very happy. Sell one like this.

The story begins with the protagonist Taha who is living a normal boring life, and works as a medical representative at a pharmaceuticals company. On the other hand, if after watching the series some of those would think of going to read the novel, then this in itself will have served the novel. With Diamond Dust, the difficulty was accepting whether I actually do write, or whether the success of the first novel was a stroke of luck.

In also, I asked a friend who speaks the Syrian dialect fluently to review the language structure used by one of my characters.

The semi-fictional Kira sees Nazly for the first time at Beit al-Omma. Egypt portal Literature portal Biography portal.

Facing the characters, seeing whether or not I have portrayed them as honestly and as deeply as I could, the dialogue, the finishing of the novel itself and the final outcome to bring it out in the image that I originally wanted. A new, unread, unused book in perfect condition with no missing or damaged pages.

What did you think about it? Then there is a higher level, people who have experience in writing: Do I add something new?


Popular Ahmed Mourad Books

mlurad Kira was buried in the Armenian cemetery that later became Taksim Square. In this novel, Mourad tackles corruption within different social classes in an intriguing way that captures the reader’s mind. One of the books Mourad wrote was adapted as a TV series and another one as a movie. It took a lot of research from me until I was able to fully grasp the situation I wanted to portray. The Tumen River Demarcation, by Ni. Do you seek advice from any other writers in the editing process?

Burying the Black Sox: In any case, the thriller, in its dry sense, is more of a crime novel, i. Iraqi Author Ahmad Saadawi: Focus, discard the world outside, and forget about social media.

So I went to Abbasia Hospital through a friend of mine who is a doctor there.

1919-Ahmed Mourad

The novel won the Mediterranean award in from Italy. The Blue Elephant had a different challenge, that of being held accountable to my ahme as I write more in the trend of thrillers.

Does it make you nervous to turn your novels into movies and TV shows? Knowing that there is a commitment of two years is huge. An open letter to an Egyptian state intellectual.

What do you think about the English and Italian translations of your books? I enjoy reading in general and I have been reading from a very early age, but I particularly enjoy books ahmev by the older generation. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.