This page will assist Unit Training Managers in completing and submitting the AF Form , Classification/On-the-Job Training Action, for Air. Fill Af Form , download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. Classifications office noting additions, deletions, or errors by suspense date provided in email. ▫ Losing unit is responsible to provide AF Form to MPS for.

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What is the enlisted assignment preference not used for? Officers must meet with their immediate commander or supervisor before applying for separation to schedule the separation and consider their preference and interests of the Air Force. To substantiate a humanitarian assignment request, which of the following is not a criterion?

After the initial duty assignment IDA worksheet and the records review 209 RRL are updated, imf they are reviewed and forwarded to. What do evaluations document? However, no classified information may be included in any answer to a personnel survey.

The UIF is an official record of unfavorable information about an individual. What is OTA used for?

Pass complete!

The UPMR is a cross between an kmt roster and the unit manning document. You can locate the form used to apply for a correction to military records at all of the following locations -any Air Force Military Personnel Section. Airmen may request consideration for supplemental promotion through the same application when appealing an evaluation. How many days are months computed when you are imh service dates? Ordinarily, applicants must file an application within 3 years it the error or injustice was discovered.

This program applies to an Airman selected to serve a short, dependent restricted overseas tour or an Airman electing to serve an unaccompanied overseas tour and does or does not have an approved overseas follow-on assignment.

Retraining requirements are determined by Air Staff, and career field managers. What must a member, desiring humanitarian deferment, formally submit?


Free Military Flashcards about 3S vol 3

Who controls promotions to Amn through SrA? The Survivor Benefit Plan SBP annuity paid is paid to a surviving spouse until the spouse immt, but is suspended upon remarriage before age To track casualty reports and notifications in accordance with procedures set by HQ AFPC; reports casualties; ensures notification has been made to the NOK; and provides compassionate assistance to the NOK until all claims and personal affairs are settled The CAR prepares written instructions to supplement AFIoutlining the responsibilities of which agencies?

Ikt position is authorized one incumbent, however, under some circumstances, a second individual could be assigned to a position for a limited period of time. What are the two types of retraining? What are the responsibilities of the MPS commander? How are assignments managed? Airmen volunteer for special duty assignments SDA through what 20096 The Air Force Administrative qualification process is designed to be the first step in selecting reliable personnel to perform duties associated with nuclear weapons.

What is ESM formerly known as? Once the military personnel section receives an evaluation report, what do they do if they find errors? Standard products include what type of products? What is the principal role of life insurance? Do zf need info about services, banking, child care, education, and so forth?

All personnel will maintain strict confidentiality concerning the identity of individual survey respondents. Within how many months of their original expiration term of service ETS does a secondterm Airman receive selective reenlistment program SRP consideration? An officer receives a letter of reprimand LOR. What type of documentation should the commander maintain on demotions?

Enlisted members may select as many as eight CONUS and eight OS assignment preferences by using specified base or country codes from the advertised requirements. What module will provide the means for members to submit an appeal?

Commanders will appoint a personnel specialist or a civilian civil service employee or contractor from their staff to act as the unit UIF monitor. ESM is food furnished for whom?


Or an information manager may be appointed if a personnelist is not assigned.

Could cause the ERAB to delay its decision, return the application without action, or not have sufficient information to kmt a fair and equitable decision. An Airman whose AFSC is withdrawn for failing to meet mandatory skill qualification, performing duties in an awarded AFSC, cannot maintain the skill according to AFI 36—, and has no other awarded skill will be considered disqualified. Each position on the UPMR is authorized ag many incumbents? To track casualty reports and notifications in accordance with procedures set by HQ AFPC; reports casualties; ensures notification has been made to the NOK; and provides compassionate assistance to the NOK until all claims and personal affairs are settled.

A line of duty LOD determination process must be initiated when a member, whether hospitalized or not, has an illness, injury or disease that results in all of the following. What duty status code is used mit represent present for duty PFD?

Airmen are limited in volunteering for only those SDAs which appear where? Occupational surveys, internal reporting requirements, surveys of course graduates, official audit surveys, surveys requiring OMB approval, and single-base surveys initiated by an installation or unit commander. At what rate does leave accrue? The unit manpower document UMD is a product that provides the authorized positions that a unit is allowed to recruit, train and promote. What could happen if the member does not read the attachment?

What is mandatory to use when processing PRP qualifications? The overall objective of the retraining program is to balance the career force of each AFSC needed. To flip the current card, click it or press the Spacebar key.

To have an effective duty status program, what must happen?

Describe the selection of an alternative document holder.