ÆGISHJALMUR CHAPTER TWO DRAGON RUNES The Language of the Gods All magic. Every magical act is an act of communication. we must have a. – Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Booktopia has Aegishjalmur, The Book of Dragon Runes by Michael Kelly. Buy a discounted Paperback of Aegishjalmur online from Australia’s leading online.

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Instead, it is necessary to withdraw and to turn inward, seeking the walls that you have built inside yourself. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Basic Principles of Rune Galdor The techniques learned in this chapter will enable the Initiate to begin the practice of operative Draconian magic using the techniques of galdor.

Books by Michael Kelly. The “fire of the flood-tide” is both the fiery breath of the dragon and the gleam of the Rheingold beneath the waters. The root ideals of the Northern peoples are hearty and life-affirming.

To hoard it is to hoard an illusion. Volksieg Wodensson rated it really liked it Oct 24, The rune is a symbol of conflict and conflict is inevitable, whether we like it or not.

Make sure the phone is off the hook. Agnes Marton rated it really liked it Apr 26, It is better to proceed with makeshift tools initially than to put off the Work until everything is perfect. Old Norse hamingja To our ancestors, luck was not a random thing, it was a positive and active virtue within the soul. Freyja’s name is actually a title rather than a personal name; it means ‘Lady’, as that of Her twin brother Frey means ‘Lord’.


Unlike most of the sagas, that of the Volsungs is evidently a very old tale and its tone is mythic dfagon than historical.

Aegishjalmur: The Book of Dragon Runes

Let your consciousness return and be grounded in your body, then record the Dragon’s message and consider what it may mean. If you live in a large city or have moved far away from home, the indoor version will probably be more appropriate.

Its purpose is to awaken the Draconian current of the North within you and prepare you for the curriculum of Work in this book. This creates a central gebo rune in an elevated position. You may wish to really go to town and cut or gather the wood to be used yourself, cutting it down to size and sanding until each piece is the same shape and drwgon.

It also draws its power from mankind’s own biological heritage, reaching back to the very roots of the reptilian brain stem, the part draagon the mind where monsters reside, ov and primal. This chapter will concern itself with channeling the runes through the body, using your own physical being as a magical tool, with posture and breath work.

Odin plays a long game and when other Gods are most concerned with the preservation of what They have, Odin understands that Ragnarok is inevitable.

Then every monday you would concentrate hard on everything you see. The transformative process described in the tale of Sigurd and Fafnir extends throughout the book, however, including some of the practical techniques taught, such as the use of the Helm of Awe as a tool for operative magic. Asgard This is the enclosure of the Gods, where Odin has his great hall, Valhalla. Loki is a manifestation of Odin’s Understanding of the necessity for change and transformation.


An Initiate will acknowledge Odin in word and deed and will seek to emulate Him. When used in ritual, you will soon come to recognise that precise point of balance when you have drunk enough to feel your mind beginning to flame with inspiration as your inhibitions fall away. This done, you make your way to a tangle of brittle, dead trees that stand like twisted skeletons in the wasteland.

Full text of “Left Hand Path”

Register every last detail, look at everything. As you pass by the head, you are startled by a greenish glint between deagon eyelids. Seith is the magic of the seeress, who seeks to still her conscious thought and allow images, visions or voices to arise from the depths of her subconscious or from the worlds beyond Midgard.

Better to be the Dragon than to be devoured by it, but the price is always high. In Draconian symbolism, it may equally be the sleeping dragon in its lair, enfolding its treasures, claws crossed before it. But it also extends beyond the individual, resonating with the life principle on oc macrocosmic level. Once you feel aegisujalmur have established a resonance with your ancestors, switch smoothly to the elhaz posture, extending your arms upwards. The imperative of consciousness is that we recognise the patterns that we ride, that we learn from them.

Initiation is a cyclical process.