A Systematic Approach to YDS cikmis eski KPDS sorularini aciklayarak kullanicilari YDS sinavlarina hazirlayan kapsamli bir test kitabidir. Kitap. KPDS’de her paragraf ile ilgili 5 soru soruluyor ve sorulardan bazı yorum Ancak benim tavsiyem CESUR ÖZTÜRK – SYSTEMATIC APPROACH olacaktır. A Systematic Approach to YDS çıkmış eski KPDS sorularını açıklayarak kullanıcıları YDS sınavlarına hazırlayan kapsamlı bir test kitabıdır. Kitap, aşağıda yer alan.

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Birbirlerine ok benzeyen paralar olduu iin sorulan sorularda aa yukar ayndr. C As soon as the man makes up his mind and becomes decisive to stop smoking, he sustematic turn back to his good days. Paragraf sorularndan korkmanza gerek yoktur.

C The road is so dangerous that it is inevitable for you to have an accident. Bir milyon poundun mirass olmaya kar deilim!

Paragraf tamamlama sorular snavlarda bana gre rahata puan toplayabileceiniz blmlerden biridir. Baz sorularda doruyu bulmak ve baz sorularda ise yanl bulmak kolaydr. Then comes the questions for scanning to find certain piece of information in the text. E There were many members who were opposed to Brians new offer, which aroused great disappointment.

KPDS -Test-teknikleri COK GUZELL – [PDF Document]

Skip to main content. Kelimenin temel anlamn rendikten sonra “Bu kelime nerede ve nasl kullanlyor” sorusu kendinize sormal ve cevabn renmelisiniz. Ana fikir sorularnn genellikle geni zamanda olduuna dikkat ediniz.


Kelime ezberlemekle vakit kaybetmeyin! D According to great majority of people, cars with high speed capacity can go on the slope very fast. One of his early aspirations was to be “a naturalist”, and he started his career 21 …. Anderson, who killed her husband, was arrested yesterday. A the berries are at the bottom of the river. Gramer almaya ondan sonra balayn. When Alexander succeeded his father B. A For the sake of the mans living in safe in the future, he needs to stop smoking. A The system fell into failure until the government made a solution for it.

Halbuki, para ne kadar uzun ise, konu hakknda o kadar ok bilgi sahibi oluruz. Examples include extrasensory perceptions such as telepathy and telekinesis, and haunted places or people. C The strangers informed everyone to prevent entry into their homes by the police.

Up to this point, the rationale is to form a sound contextual ground for the learner to internalize the vocabulary items studied earlier. The first television broadcast of the Oscars took place in – on black and white TV, telecast throughout the US and Canada.

A Systematic Approach to KPDS & ÜDS PDF Pobierz

Bu yz den bu sorularda cmlenin tamamna hkim olmamz gerekmektedir. D As the student was attempting to focus on the lesson, his father entered the room. Snavda ise iki cmle ayn soruda olamaz!

B The two young people proved the value of the attachment between teacher and students. Systmatic New varieties of apples take many years to develop.


We know that she killed her husband. But where theres love, there often is jealousy. Daha nceki snavlarda rencinin kelimenin doru halini bilip bilmedii sorulamyordu. A It is certain that the fire that had burned down the two factory buildings was started by Steven.

B What disillusioned Brian was that the new offer was rejected by all the members. Now it is the time for synonyms of the vocabulary items studied up here for the expansion of vocabulary. At the Brussels NATO summit a “partnership for peace” programme was formally launched, enabling the old Warsaw Pact members and former Sovlet republics to take part in a wide range of military cooperation with NATO.

Bu balalar grdnz zaman nceki cmle ile ilgili soru beklemelisiniz. According to the passage It is stated in the passage that Prepositions aslnda temel olarak ismin systtematic. Enjoy Grammar — 1.

KPDS -Test-teknikleri COK GUZELL

D My elder sisters marriage falls into the period when my elder brother came back from Germany. In his last will and kps, he left money for the maintenance of the museum. Sorular cevaplarken neden a deil? II There are few engineering tricks left that could give one or other a technological edge.