Posts about A Planet Named Shayol written by trojantopher. “A Planet Named Shayol” is a science fiction story by American writer Cordwainer Smith (pen name of Paul Linebarger), set in his Instrumentality universe. Synopsis: In the distant future, a man is sentenced for crimes against the Galactic Emperor to a planet where the native microbes cause the humans there to.

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Look at what he had done to the widow of his predecessor, the Dowager Lady Da. She lifted her arms in a gesture of blessing and farewell. No fear, fellow, I’ll fix you up. The Lady Da, sitting back on the floor, declared, “But that’s only for new invaders!

He had to speak. Lewis, Winston Churchill, E. Do you have anything for me? He thought of the oceans of happiness which super-condamine had brought him, forgetting the hideous pain and the deformities on Shayol. And when you are ready to talk to the chief you’ll have something to talk about beside your crime. I will survey your planet with robot soldiers. New and plaet political or social systems, e. Mercer himself could not tell how long it was before B’dikkat came back.

You specimens are turned loose on the surface of Shayol.

This report is anonymous. The Lady Da pointed to the children on the floor.

A Planet Named Shayol by Cordwainer Smith, from Project Gutenberg Canada

He is a homunculus fashioned out of cattle material. Martian invasion from H. The odorless smoke rose about her and the image was gone.

The dromozoa are a special life-form there. Was B’dikkat a crazy slave to his own duty or was he a man who had hopes of going back to his own planet some day, surrounded by a family of little cow-people resembling himself?


The front part of my head was called a face, and I could talk with it. Now you can have the fun. I do all the work. The doctor was near in space, but even the doctor did not matter. He watched his own body with remote, casual interest. Mercer then thought that he had gone through everything which the cruelty and intelligence of mankind could devise.

When he boarded the ferry, naked, they looked him over as if he were a rare plant or a body on the operating table. The novel is in part a sequel to Smiths short story The Ballad of Lost CMell, featuring some of the same characters, stroon is harvested from the huge diseased sheep the Norstrilians raise, and has resisted all attempts at artificial synthesis.

Maybe the doctor himself had been conditioned, and did not know what he was offering. The injection burned like no fire ever had.

A Planet Named Shayol

There was nothing about them to indicate that they were human devils in the antechambers of hell itself. The Lady Johanna scrutinized him and then she nodded.

The violet sun was going down, and the sky was streaked with blues, deeper blues and trails of orange sunset. I did not think that any of you were alive. He glanced over at the man he had dug up.

Journal of Medical Internet Research 17, no. What we are having now are the preliminaries, to determine your physical condition. He closed his eyes and let the cap go on stimulating the pleasure centers of his brain.

The Lady Da and Mercer watched her. Whenever one began to disappear, a robot seized him by a limb and pulled him out again.


Title: A Planet Named Shayol

One wore the insigne of an inspector. Screaming the ugly screams of a psychotic, a terrified drunk, an animal driven out of understanding or reason. As a child, Linebarger was blinded in his right eye and his father moved his family to France and then Germany while Sun Yat-sen was suayol against contentious warlords in China. Meanwhile, you will save yourself a lot of trouble if you realize that your nerve endings will all respond to the change in the skin.

Extrinsic rewards derive their value as a result of a learned association with intrinsic rewards. Remember, no matter how uncomfortable you get, the samples which B’dikkat sends up will help thousands of people in all the inhabited worlds. Wells ‘ War of the Worlds. It must have been capable of fighting the super-condamine, because B’dikkat put them through the open window, so as to save time going through plane door.

Een Planeet Genaamd Shayol. In that time his face was almost wholly obscured with a crop of fresh little ears, but he paid no attention to them, other than expecting that B’dikkat would cut them all off in due course and that the dromozoa would give him something else. Under Jakobsson the magazine declined in quality, by the end of the s the gaps between issues were lengthening, and the title was finally sold to Galileo publisher Vincent McCaffrey, who brought out only a single issue in First, there is a increase in dopamine release from the mesolimbic pathway when animals engage in intracranial self-stimulation.