programming. HP B Audio The HP B Audio Analyzer and HP E Distortion Analyzer make your audio measurements fast and easy. .. (Does not include HP-IB programming time.) . calibration manual [) and. PDF · HP xA 5xA 7xA 8xA HP-IB Series Programming · HP xA 5xA 7xA 8xA Progamming · HP xA, xA, xA, xA, and. Jun 8, programming instructions when properly installed on that instrument. The HP- IB address switches are located within the Modulation.

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Containers and materials identical to those used in factory packaging are available through Hewlett-Packard offices. Since this instrument does not use a cooling fan, it is important that good ventilation be provided.

For you youngsters, GPIB also called HPIB is a 8-bit parallel bus interface designed back in the ‘s to connect computers together with test equipment.

The distortion measured by a distortion analyzer will be 1. I n addition, verify that a common ground exists between the unit under test and the Audio Analyzer prior to energizing either unit. Basic finctional Checks Setup Equipment Oscilloscope.

Substituting alternate test equipment may require modifiation of some procedures.

The two Programmable Gain Amplifiers, following the Notch Filter, amplify the low-level noise and distortion signals from the Notch Filter. The frequency of the input signal is also measured and displayed. The Operating Information pull-out cards are flexible plastic reference sheets attached to the Audio Analyzer by a tray located below the front-panel.


B Operation and Calibration Manual | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

The switch is illustrated in Figure Accurate distortion measurements typically can be made to less than 0. If you’ve enter illegal inputs for any of these you get a dialog box that pops up and tells you – hit OK prorgamming go back and fix them, then hit “Start” again.

If addressed to listen, the Audio Analyzer returns to front-panel control when it receives the Local message. Use the optional Hz High-Pass Filter to remove line hum.

For each filter, set the source frequency as shown in the table. To select the Average Detector, press 5. Use a dry cloth or one slightly dampened with water to clean the external case parts. At the end of each discussion are comments intended to guide the user away from measurement pitfalls and to help get the most out of the Audio Analyzer.

If it is not, selectable filters are provided to remove unwanted signals. For example, if you’re testing a power amp and you want to run the FR test at 1 watt output, you set the “Gen Level” so you get and output of 1 watt, programmiing 2.

Refer to Paragraph i n Section 2 for packaging instructions. Center conductor is safety earth ground. Error 10 through Error 39 and Error 90 through Error It must be made repeatedly when performing sensitivity or adjacent-channel sensitivity tests. The upper limits equals 1OV. The Audio Analyzer switches to remote operation upon receipt of the Remote message. When this signal is measured by a distortion analyzer, an error results from the first part of the measurement measuring the input level because the input level is not quite the same as the level of the fundamental.


8903B Operation Manual

The programmed frequency is displayed in the left display and the programmed open-circuit amplitude is displayed in the right display. It’s a primitive interface by today’s standards, but it still works. I For dc level, signal-to-noise, or distortion level measurements, press: Address the Audio Analyzer to listen completing the Remote message. Counter The Counter is a reciprocal counter.

Sending the Status Bit Message.

8903B Operation and Calibration Manual

Push the card firmly into the slot. In this case, your manual is provided with updating information to make it as current as possible. This product has been designed and tested in accordance with IEC Publication”Safety Requirements for Electronic Measuring Apparatus,” and has been supplied in a safe condition.

The Audio Analyzer displays the ratio of the input voltages as the internal source is switched on and Off. I downloaded Agilent VEE runtime version 9.

Section 4, Performance Tests: The source has a maximum open-circuit output of 6 Vrms and a selectable output impedance of either 50 or In this mode the instrument is configured to send a one-byte data message whenever the bus is in the data mode. Output impedance is 1 kR.

The internal source is used as the stimulus. The following list includes the name and option numbers for each available filter.