Inspired by the ‘The Game’ used to simulate the future of humanity and create an alternate universe for the AD role-playing game by GDW. We have taken it. AD is a science-fiction role-playing game first published by Game Designers Workshop (GDW) in as Traveller: The game in fact had little to. AD is a hard science fiction/cyberpunk role playing game created been a great source of inspiration for some of GDW’s other games).

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With it, the referee has a plethora of examples and precedents to use in any situation, and the players have a reasonable idea of what their options will be on any given task. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. I should have learned Lesson 1 a long time ago: All my friends and I had to do was to provide a little “expertise” and security while Jean-Francois arranged a buyer for a piece of hot tech that had fallen into his hands like a ripe apple.

This star is circled by eight glittering planets, the fourth-of which bears life. Finally, a brief update on the Kafer War is provided, describing the disposition of naval forces and of the Wd Marines following the completion of the adventure.

Both space battles and ground battles are described, with role-playing adventures and even official Star Cruiser scenarios included.

Location, spectral type, size, and magnitude are documented in a separate catalog The Astronomischen-Rechen Institut ARIa foundation pledged to extend the boundaries of human exploration and human knowledge, recognizes this potential and has for years been in preparation for the long voyage to this fabled cache of stars.

The Kafer Sourcebook also presents a complete listing of the more than 30 new stars not included on the original game map, as well as those already covered. I Title 27 Traveller: Retrieved from ” https: Earth’s hundred nations have gddw among the stars. The aliens destroyed the world’s orbital facilities and landed ground troops on gdq planet.


Its fate lies not only in the hands of its armies and navies, but also in the hands of its civilian populations. In Invasion, player characters can experience the course of the Kafer assault on the French Arm, but they can also take an active part in the human defense efforts, no matter what career they have been trained in.

Game Systems Playable realism. The full panoply of ground vehicles in the AD universe is covered, ranging from small, two-passenger vehicles such as the Matsu Snow-Demon upward through American, French, and German combat vehicles Covering the origin and evolution of the Kafers, the Kafer Sourcebook goes into the details of the Kafer homeworld and explains Kafer motivations and drives, their history, their society and social structure, and their technology.

GDW 2300 AD – the original SFRPG

Now, with the dawning of the 24th century, Texas has signed a landmark agreement with the Civilized Eber nation of Black Sky to build an Eber steam train line through the Great Desert.

March or Die “As the Terran Commonwealth expanded the borders of the interstellar territories it controlled, an alien race which had once ruled the spaceways was forced to yield control of much of their own star empire.

The dominant power, both on Earth and in space, is the Third French Empire, which escaped the nuclear war relatively unscathed by abandoning its NATO gcw at the start of the war, and thus had a head start in the technology race. The human fleet at Eta Bootis has been waiting at the alert for two years.

Pages with broken file links. The basic rules mechanic was a variation of the “Task” system originally developed for Travellerusing a d10 instead of 2d6, but most of the other mechanics were original to this game.

AD (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

The Kafer Sourcebook also presents a treatise on Kafer language, including a pronunciation guide, a short vocabulary, and samples of Kafer ideographs. The Kafer Sourcebook details the political and governmental structure of the Kafer Associative, discusses the political motivations behind the war, and explains why it will get worse.


On Aurore, life is no paradise. A lot of fill-in work is required by the referee, but there is much potential here. Aurore is a world Earthlike enough that humans can live and work in its temperate zone without being forced to resort to cumbersome survival gear or protective suits. The American Arm has reached a dead end, further expansion along it impossible under available technology. The player characters have been recruited to serve as auxiliaries alongside the Rangers.

Never before has such a monumentous task been undertaken, either in gaming or in science fiction: I’ve seen two versions.

The players can be introduced to Kafer artifacts, which range from hand tools and small arms up to the Sigma -class starship.

Detailed character generation, starship operations and combat, and economics make Traveller: Confront the challenges of the AD universe aboard your Virginia-class starship. The world is dominated by the Third French Empire, which maintains a shaky peace among its jealous rivals. Much work remains to be done if humanity is to establish itself among the stars and explore deeper into the galaxy.

There are three major lanes of explored space, called Arms, named after the nations which dominate them the French Arm, the American Arm, and the Chinese Arm.

GDW AD – the original SFRPG – Beyond the Bundle

ISBN Buy at Amazon Ships of the French Arm “Earth and its many colonies have an inherent reliance on space travel, but the nature of the ships aad move between them varies greatly with the mission it is to perform. Kafer Dawn covers the campaign to mop up the Auroran “hotback” from the viewpoint of several adventurers who come to join the fight against mankind’s most bitter foe.

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