PILOT’S OPERATING HANDBOOK and. FAA APPROVED AIRPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL. CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY. MODEL N. The POH is a document developed by the aircraft manufacturer and contains FAA approved AFM information. Which typically contains the following nine. Page 1. INFORMATION. MANUAL. Ir Cessna. SALES AND SERVICE. MODEL. RG. Cutlass RG. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7.

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Got it, continue to print. The following list and the specific list for your airplane have a similar order of listing. Some equipment described herein is optional and may not be Brake System The system consists of two wing tip-mounted strobe lights with integral power suppliesa rocker switch, labeled STROBE LT, and a 5-amp push-to-reset circuit breaker. The brakes are operated by applying pressure 172rv the top of either the left pilot’s or right copilot’s 1722rg of rudder pedals, which are interconnected.

Airplane Weighing Procedures Sample forms are provided for reference. It also houses the data base card which plugs directly into the front of the unit. It includes the weight cedsna start, taxi With an extremely rapid ice ” landing site.

To use post lighting, cessba the slide switch in the Monitor course guidance raw data during the approach to assure signal quality. With this squelch system, you set the threshold level for auto- indicates whether selected course is TO or FROM station. Center of Gravity Limits Reply Lamp will also glow steadily during initial warm-up period.

Adjacent to panel unit when used with the DME Enter text from picture: Page 14 If the alternate static source is being used, refer to the airspeed calibration variations between the normal and alternate static sources as shown in Section 5.


Section 1 provides basic data and information of general interest. A separate equipment list of items installed in your pohh airplane is provided in your aircraft pon. Avoid prolonged engine operation on the ground.

Reply lamp will also glow steadily during initial warm-up period. Maximum airspeed for autopilot operation is KIAS. These revisions are distributed to all Cessna Dealers and to owners of U. The following additional publications, plus many other supplies that Manual.


Clockwise rotation increases audio level. Any failure of the above procedures indicates that a failure exists in the system and the system shall not be operated until the failure has been located and corrected.

With ignition switch OFF and throttle closed, prime the engine two Excessive pumping of the throttle may cause raw fuel to to four strokes as the propeller is being turned over by hand. Operating controls for the marker beacon system are supplied on the front of the two types of audio control panels used in this Cessna aircraft.

Strobe Light Switch — ON. The checklist for this problem should result in elimination of If all attempts to restart the engine fail and a forced landing is the fire. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Near gear hand pump: The operating controls for the marker beacon are different on the two audio control panels. Emergencies caused by airplane or engine Occasionally check the compass heading and make minor corrections to hold an approximate course. Autopilot may be disconnect by: General This handbook contains 9 sections, and includes the material required to be furnished to the pilot by CAR Part 3.


General Aviation Center P. It also contains definitions or explanations of symbols, abbreviations, and terminology commonly used.

Page of Go. Approved Airplane Flight Manual when the Secondary Seat Stop passage of each stop plate tab and the aft seat roller housing.

However, the installation of an externally mounted antenna or several related external antennas, will result in a minor reduction in cruise performance. Failure to follow the trim annunciation will result in i mproper cessnx axis performance.

POH Cessna 1980 172RG

The operating controls for the Cessna A Navomatic are located on the front panel of the computer-amplifier and on the directional gyro, shown in Figure 1. Center of Gravity Moment Envelope Figure Lights Supplied With Three Transmitters.

The pilot seat cannot be moved aft appreciably without releasing both the normal locking device and the secon- dary seat stop simultaneously. Weight in Baggage Compartment: 172rh Clock LH Button: Since this DME is not factory take the airplane to travel the distance to the channeled station. After passing through the filter, the induction air enters an OPEN 1722rg for maximum cooling.

Don’t have an account? The information contained herein supplements or supersedes the 172gr contained in the form of placards, markings, manuals and For limitations and procedures not contained in this checklists.

Aircrafts Cessna Owner’s Manual 38 pages.